Jimmy Fallon Plays Sound Guy Who Can't Stop Crying on Set of 'This Is Us'!Who wouldn't be this way, though?
Trending @ 10: 'Tonight Show' Superlatives Take On Stanley Cup Finals!Wait til you see what Malkin's is!
Trending @ 10: Blake Shelton Tries Jimmy Fallon's New Ride at Universal Studios!...and he smack talks Jimmy, until he gets on the ride!!
WATCH: Kelsea Ballerini Performs on 'The Tonight Show'!Watch the whole performance here!
Trending @ 10: Jimmy Fallon Plans Surprise Military Homecoming for His Producer!How he pulled this off without his producer knowing, I'LL NEVER KNOW!
Trending @ 10: Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Take On Haunted House!You'll laugh so hard at this, you won't be able to breathe!
Trending @ 10: Blake Shelton Makes Jimmy Fallon Milk a Cow!I do not envy Jimmy Fallon...AT ALL!

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