Comedian Bret Ernst Creeped Out by Ally & Andy Ghost Story

Comedian Bret Ernst stopped by Y108 to hang out with Ally & Andy today and because it’s October, they shared ghost stories.

Ally played Bret an audio clip from yesterday (10/13) when she heard an unknown male voice interrupt the show while she was trying to talk to a listener named Carrie.

Ally wasn’t alone in her paranormal experience, Bret┬ásaid it’s happened to him before too. “The Comedy Store in Hollywood is known for that. I’ve had two sightings since I’ve been there, since ’99,” he said. “I’ve had two weird things happen to me there. I’m not into that stuff enough to where,┬álike, I would tell anybody, but things creep me out.”

“We record a podcast in the basement of the [Comedy] Store, they have a studio now. There was somebody smiling in the window.” Apparently, nobody else saw this but Bret and he said he just made excuses as to why he saw it.

“The other one that happened was the same thing,” he said only this time in a bathroom. “I’m heading to the urinal and as I pass the stall, I see somebody sitting on the toilet smiling at me. So, I see him in the corner of my eye when I walk by. I go to the bathroom…and as I’m walking back, he’s still smiling at me. I go to him, jokingly, ‘Yo, what are you in jail? Close the door.’ Nobody was in the stall.”

“So I went into the hallway and there was a comedian friend of mine named David Taylor who’ll vouch for this, and I’m just standing there and he goes ‘You saw something, didn’t you?’,” he said. “I go yeah, I think I saw something, but I didn’t see anything so it’s all a lie.”

You can see Bret at the Improv this weekend, October 14-16.

Friday – 7:30pm & 9:45pm
Saturday – 7pm & 9:30pm
Sunday – 7pm

Click here for tickets or call 412-462-5233.


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