Jake Owen’s Past Two Years Have Been Full of Changes

It’s been 3 years since his last album release and Jake Owen told Y108’s Ally & Andy that he’s really excited about his latest, “American Love.”

“It’s easy for an artist to say that when he has a new album out and go ‘Oh, I’m so excited about my new album,’ but I truly am. This has been a big, kinda life process for me over the last couple years.”

Jake was already deeply involved in creating the album early last year and already had some song recorded. He said he ended up scrapping what he had and started over, “I’d recorded some songs earlier last year, but I was also going through my divorce and that was really hard.” He continued, “It’s really hard to be in a creative business when you’re going through some like really personal hard times and I kinda just stopped for awhile and took some time off and re-approached what I was gonna do.”

Any family who has gone through a divorce understands the complete redo of reality it puts everyone through and Jake say it too when he decided to redo the album, saying “I’ve always enjoyed making music that makes me feel good and also makes other people feel good” and “I started listening to the songs I was recording and they didn’t really make me feel good.”

So, at a time when so many people in his shoes might not be able to feel good, Jake found a new attitude and “just kinda scrapped all that and got back to the basics,” as Jake puts it “of what makes me, me.”

It’s undeniably noticeable how upbeat, happy and optimistic Jake Owen comes across so recently after his divorce and he even said of American Love that “it surprised a lot of people about how happy and positive it is.” He put the reason very simply as, “but that’s how I want to live my life.”

Jake Owen sounds ready to take on anything and he’s “super excited” about his new album and “it’s rehabilitating” affect.


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