Ally & Andy American Warrior: U.S. Army Private Noah Price

30 year old Army Private Noah Price grew up in a military family. His grandfather and father both served in the Navy and his brother Jay has also spent 15+ years in the Army.

Noah said the best thing about his time in the Army was knowing he was protecting his country and his family. Including the family he gained with his brothers in the service. He is still close with those men today and it was through that friendship that he met his future wife Teena. They’ll be married next month, on July 24th.

When Noah joined, he was a new father to son Noah Jr., who is now 8. He is now raising 4 children including 4 year old Amaura, 3 year old Lucah and step-daughter Danica who is also 8.

In all Noah served 4 years.

Noah went to boot camp at Fort Benning, Georgia as an Army Private, infantry mortar man 11 charlie, he was stationed in El Paso, Texas and was sent overseas to Hawija, Iraq

Noah suffered injuries to his Back, Neck, Spine, and 3 traumatic brain injuries. The hardest one of all, memory

Noah’s toughest part of his service was being away from his young 1 year old son. Noah missed 3 early years of his sons life away serving our nation.

When Noah first arrived in Iraq, “we started to land” and what he saw was “the mazes of walls made of sand, medal and barbed wire.”

The similar questions of war were lived my many soldiers, including Noah. Will they be blown up, will they live through the day, will he loose one of his brothers today and will my son grow up without a father. Noah’s thoughts were one of his biggest struggles!

Those fears come too close on deployment in Iraq. Noah’s seen people dying and ones already dead. “You never get used to that, you can never UNSEE it.”

Noah made it home and the new mission is now living with those memories and injuries. Noah’s fiance Teena said “it was very hard after he got out. Hard to find a job, keep a place to live, provide for our family. He is 75% disabled and getting the help he was suppose to get was a fight itself.”

Noah finally found help on getting his disability, but their family still struggled a lot. Having a job was not easy and didn’t bring enough money. Noah wanted to go to school but “we didn’t know how to do that and it was hard figuring it out!

Noah’s fiance said, “we didn’t get ourselves stable until the help from operation troop appreciation and some sheriff detectives came along.” Noah is now going to college for engineering.

Financial, mental and physical struggles are common with our soldiers returning from war. Teena said, “we don’t know if his memory will get worse and if all this school will be for nothing but it makes him feel like he’s supporting us, like he’s taking care of us. He gets very good grades and works so hard to keep them! He has to write everything down just in case he forgets it! By far his biggest struggle is his mind!”

The people at operation troop appreciation and the sheriff detectives are a big reason their family now have some stability in their lives. “They helped with so many things” They even provided them with a lot of help for “the children. If it wasn’t for them we would probably still be struggling today.”


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