How Kenny Chesney Maintains His Tour Physique

By Erin Duvall 

Kenny Chesney is one of the healthiest singers in country music. It’s hard to stay on track when you’re living the life of a road warrior, where people eat pizza and drink beer before, during and after the show. Chesney reveals his details of his diet in a recent interview with GQ.

“I load up on carbs early,” he says. “I don’t eat any after 5:00, whether on or off the road.”

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On the flip side, Chesney reserves Sunday nights for a cheat meal, which usually includes Mexican or Italian food. “It helps you mentally,” he says. “You have to allow yourself time to get away. I do anyway. I grew up in an area where everything revolves around food.”

Chesney on the Road Diet:

Breakfast : Five scrambled egg whites in coconut oil (plus one real egg, for the fat), with jalapeños, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and cilantro. A fist-sized portion of fruit.

Post Workout Snack: Quest Bar.

Lunch : Salmon or chicken, steamed vegetables, small portion of brown rice.

Dinner : Salmon or chicken (whichever wasn’t for lunch); extra portion of vegetables; cucumbers and tomatoes.

Snacks : “If I get hungry, I’ll eat some raw almonds now and then. It’s fat, but it’s good fat.”

After the show : “Instead of eating pizza and drinking beer, like I used to do 15 years ago, I’ll mix two scoops of chocolate protein powder in water—not a protein shake with a lot of carbs, just pure protein. When I’m in the zone, that’s my fourth meal of the day.”



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