Ally Lost Nearly 25 Pounds In 30 Days with Slim Me 1!

It sounds too good to be true! That was my first thought too.

My second thought was I’m either going to starve or have to work out really hard! Nope.

Oh sure, but it was probably going to be some kind of crazy foods that I hate or have to spend a fortune on or drive to a special store to get. Not even close.

It’s normal food and it turned out I had a lot of it in my freezer already!

I went through all the negative thoughts too, but the difference is I decided that making that kind of a change for my health and body was worth a try.

It was one of the best things I’ve done for my entire family and myself and guess what…it wasn’t that hard and it worked like nothing I’ve seen in the past!

Here’s the proof:

I’ve tried to get back to my pre-baby weight for over 16 years now, without success.

My current weight of 125.6 I haven’t seen since 1997 when I had been mountain biking 2 hours a day for over 1 year.

On top if the new slimmer happier me and the joy of putting on clothing that is 4 sizes smaller, it’s inspired my entire family to be healthier!

I didn’t have to work out during the 30 day commitment, but I’m starting to work out now!

I’m more excited about the coming Spring & Summer than I have been in years!

I’m more focused, more positive, more energetic, happier and positive then ever too!

I wasn’t able to do this without the Slim Me 1 YP10 program. I proved that for 16 years. On the other hand, even with my insane schedule WAS ABLE to lose it in only 30 days WITH the support of the YP10 Program.

Here’s a fun trick! Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up 3 sacks of potatoes and hold them for 5 minutes. Then set them down and feel the difference that 30 pounds of weight puts on your body.

Now, get rid of it for good with Slim Me 1! Click here.

As for me, I’ll be check in from the stores looking for a smaller Spring wardrobe and a new 2 piece swim suit! Hello thin again!!!

Ally =)

Check out the before and after shots for yourself!


(Before on the Left | After on the Right)


(Before on the Left | After on the Right)


(Before on the Left | After on the Right)


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