Daniel Bradbery’s Secret For Winning “The Voice”

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(photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images Entertainment)

(photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images Entertainment)

Jimmy and Monty In The Morning Jimmy and Monty In The Morning
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Winning NBC’s “The Voice” requires confidence… and breakfast burritos. Daniel Bradbury chats with Y108’s Jimmy and Monty about her success:

“I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it or not. I was up there and I was listening to the other contestants and how much experience they’ve had, and I haven’t had much experience at all.

I just told myself, ‘Man, if I make it, this will be amazing. And, if I don’t, then I can understand’. I was just kind of doubting myself for a little bit. But once I got up there and I made it, and I kept making it, I would sit back and like, ‘I’m actually doing this!'”

What was Danielle’s winning strategy on “The Voice”?

“I started off there in the morning and I ate breakfast burritos. And before the actual performance, I ate fruit. I remember eating fruit. And then I fell asleep.

All the other contestants were getting sick and (were) just really nervous. And I fell asleep. If I just calm down and just take a deep breath and tell myself it’s gonna be okay no matter what happens, just things like that, then I kind of calm down and then I’m okay and (I) do things like take a nap (laughs).”

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