On The Job: The Road Warriors

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Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Ally Ally
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Every day, hard working Americans hit the road for long hours to keep our nation running!

I’ve know some truckers and I’m even related to a few drivers.

They spend long hours and days away from their loved ones so that we can run to the corner store and pick up all the products we need every day.

They battle tough traffic problems, crazy drivers and harsh weather conditions every day.

They’re not millionaires (most of them) and they don’t get greeted with a thank you and a handshake by the general public, but we’d be lost without them.

So, when you’re driving your 20 minute commute to work and you see a trucker or another who spends hours on the road every day to keep our lives functioning, show a little respect.

Don’t make their jobs harder.

Drive safely and remember we need the road warriors too!!!

Much love to you all and thanks for listening “On The Job!”
Ally =)
Today, we honor the great American Road Warriors!

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