Luke Bryan’s Rowdy “Caveman” Style Of Romance

With his new CD “Crash My Party” in stores, Y108’s Jimmy and Monty asked Luke Bryan if he uses any romantic codewords around his wife when he feels like fooling around.

LUKE: Ooh. Code for romance. “Lock the door” (laughs) I’m just playin’. (pause) Is that a good code?

MONTY: Craig Morgan’s wife tells him she wants to ‘watch a movie’.

LUKE: Oh. Interesting. I just kind of pant like a dog. (laughs)

JIMMY: Subtlety’s always good.

LUKE: You remember (the 80’s cavemen movie) “Clan of the Cave Bear”?

MONTY: That cave movie with Daryl Hannah?

LUKE: Where (the main caveman) does, like, the hand signal?

MONTY: It’s like he’s shaking hands with himself. The cave guy.

LUKE: It’s like the Boys and Girls Club logo. (growls) Ugga-ugga. I do the Captain Caveman sound. Unga bunga. Ain’t that what Captain Caveman said?

We’re pretty sure that Luke is kidding.

Y108 welcomes Luke Bryan, Flordia Georgia Line and Thompson Square to First Niagara Pavilion on Saturday, September 28, 2013. Listen to Y108 for your chance to win tickets to this sold-out show!


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