Tim McGraw Takes On Texting & Driving In Powerful ‘Highway Don’t Care’ Video

This video is amazing. It hit me hard watching it the first time.

I’ve been passionate with my opinions about texting and driving on many occasions.

People lose their loved ones EVERY DAY because they drive distracted.

Honestly, the video goes way deeper than just texting.

People don’t think twice about hoping in the car and peeling out in an emotional moment, and driving when your upset is JUST as dangerous.

This video sent a chill through me and there’s one moment where I practically burst into tears.

I applaud Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and EVERYONE involved with making this video.

They are all huge stars and their fans will get this message LOUD AND CLEAR.

Watch the video, re-post this to your Facebook accounts, show it to your children and please…stay safe on the roads.

Much love…Ally =)

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