Comic Finds Glaring Omission in Lincoln Movie

‘Actor/comedian Dean Edwards says the Oscar-nominated movie “Lincoln” has one serious omission:

“I saw ‘Lincoln’, and as a proud African American, I was like, so, we’re not going to include (abolitionist) Frederick Douglass in this conversation… at all? Anyone?… No? (cricket sounds) Okay, that’s fine. I’ll go see (the horror movie) ‘Mama’.”

“I think Daniel Day-Lewis is gonna win (an Oscar as Lincoln). If Daniel Day-Lewis is in anything the year you give your brilliant performance, you’re NOT going to win. Daniel Day -Lewis is so good, he could play ME. In fact, Daniel Day-Lewis is so method, I actually AM Daniel Day-Lewis! I’m not goin’ to the Oscars… I’m in Pittsburgh, at the Improv for this weekend.”



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