Tom Arnold Jokes About Monty Working Out With Women

I admit it: I’m in a couple of exercise classes with nothing but women. And, this might not be the most macho thing that a guy can do. So,  I asked comedian/actor Tom Arnold (CMT’s “My Big Redeck Vacation”) if I have to turn in my ‘man card’.

“See, that’s sneaky 0f you. Now you’re goin’ ‘I don’t know what to do, it’s all these women…’ but really… it’s awesome!” says Tom.

“This is an opportunity, buddy. Enjoy it, just visually. You’re in there working out, your bonding with women… Y’know, put that in the back of your brain for when you’re bored (laughs)”

So, according to Tom, I get to keep my ‘man card’. – Monty

“That does take a lot of guts, though. I would be horrified…’cuz I sweat so much when I work out. I’d be just so embarrassed.”

Hear Tom Arnold with Y108’s Jimmy and Monty in the Morning:


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