Watch Monty’s Favorite Big Game Commercials

A new crop of “Big Game” ads guarantees lots of wacky animals and broad humor.

VW’s internet-themed ad is funny and sweet, Hyundai and Toyota both grab laughs with special effects, and Taco Bell offers up a wheelie-riding Grandpa.

I’m sure a bunch of the Doritos ads will be popular, but only one made my Top 6 list.  – Monty

1) C’mon. Budweiser’s clydesdale ads are always classy. This one tugs at the heart strings, too.

2) Jimmy Cliff’s singing soothes the most famous internet tantrum-throwers. How many of them do YOU recognize?

3) This fast-moving ad for the Hyundai Sonata shows that it’s always best to be in the lead.

4) Beware what you wish for from Kaley Cuoco, the Toyota Rav 4 “wish genie”.

5) Grandpa goes wild for Taco Bell. Nice wipe-out, Gramps! As the warning states: “Do not do this”.

6) Doritos has a lot of animal ads. Most of them I didn’t care for, but the screaming goat is pretty funny. No wonder he was “for sale”.

Which one was your favorite?


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