What Do You Think Of The New American Idol Judges?

Y108 fans reacted to the new cast of judges on ‘American Idol’ last night on Facebook and they’re not very happy.

Jill wrote:Not crazy about it so far. Miss the old judges.”

I was thinking the same thing Jill. I know that Mariah Carey was the attempt at replacing Jennifer Lopez, but Nicki Minaji as a replace ment for the craziness of Steven Tyler is WAY off the mark!

I understand that Nicki has had a lot of pop/urban hits recently, but I find her personality to be vile. I want to watch the show, because I’ve only missed one of the twelve seasons so far! But, I don’t understand what their plan is with her. Even Keith Urban seems odd with that group. I thought it was interesting that they played a clip at the end of the show with Nicki saying “I think we gelled” about the new judges. DISAGREE. I thought the whole thing was awkward and every time Nicki was disrespectful to Mariah (who was surprisingly humble) or talked over Randy (who no one should EVER interrupt) I wanted to punch my TV.

Lori wrote: “I watched 2 minutes and saw Nikki roll her eyes at 2 ppl ….turned on the Pens scrimmage game!

I know Lori..I was tempted to do the same thing, but I wanted to get the full affect. The only time that Nicki redeamed herself with me (slightly) was when she said something about wanting to be a city bus driver. I thought that was honest, normal and cute. And, she was very nice to a few of the people who had NO chance (or intention by producers) of making it to Hollywood. She tried to leave them with some hope and understanding, and that seemed very human.

Kelly wrote:Watching the Pens… but flipping. I hate Nikki.. I miss the old judges. I think Idol has about seen its days.

Well, she’s obviously not targeting us for the show. I get the feeling that they put poor Keith Urban into the mix as a spoon full of sugar so they don’t COMPLETELY lose viewers like us, but they seem to be much more interested in a different view audience. We’ll see if it works for them. Again…she’s VILE!

Michelle wrote: I had to shut it off. I can’t tolerate the bickering back in forth between Nicki and Mariah. I’m not a fan of either one anyway. If I were Keith, I would back hand the both of them.

Yeah, I felt like I was watching Hardcore Pawn for awhile. I can’t stand that stuff either. It looks like they’re only going to intensify it next week too. I had this part of our culture personally. It turns me off to more TV shows these days.

Jessica wrote: “Definately need more Keith!”

I hope that the producers and editors who put the shows together each week get your message! I think the panel would have been just fine if it was Randy, Mariah & Keith. They need to just TOSS NICKI OUT! She’s such an attention pig, it’s sick.

Kym wrote: I think this is last season…isnt like it use to be

I’ve heard that every season. They’ll probably survive this and they’ll get a lot of attention over how annoying Nicki is, so they’re probably smart. We’ll see if the ratings die or improve. It sucks cuz I actually watch the show to see the singers. Divas annoy me.

Cynthia wrote: 1More Keith less Nicki.. Please

Lori wrote: Simon screwed them when he left…and apparently screwed himself aswell because his X factor is getting its a$$ handed to it by Blake Shelton and The Voice.

I hear ya, but if Simon was so great, The X Factor would be winning in the ratings. I always thought he was a pompous jerk. I don’t miss him, but I did really like Steven Tyler. He’s just charming.
Y108 Ho hum. Monty

Nancy wrote: Get rid of Minaj!!
Crystal wrote:
I wanna watch for Keith Urban but if they really keep the travesty that is Nikki Minaj I won’t be.

Diana wrote: Minaj with her plastic face and nasty attitude will kill the whole show. She is a very negative presence. CAN’T STAND HER. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING KU, but don’t know how I am going to tolerate minaj

Matthew wrote: Poor Keith is collateral damage and should bail fast

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