Lance Armstrong, Dope or Doper

So I guess Lance Armstrong came as clean as he can get on being dirty with doping in his Tour De France wins which he did 7 times.

I’ve already said I have always admired his spirit and tenacity and so my disappointment comes more from the fact the he lied so truthfully for all those years as opposed to just coming clean.

He was just another rider who had used chemicals to take his human strength to new levels along with other riders who were doing the same thing. What’s different is he said he wasn’t.

Now had he said, “Yes, I dope and so does every one of the front runners and it’s the only way to stay competitive and it’s wrong but until it changes you can have my medals but you can’t take away my victories”, well, I might feel differently. But he didn’t.

He was so successful in one way, starting his foundation, giving hope to many and raising money for causes but on the other hand he was just lying about his superhuman strength. And if he wasn’t completely forthcoming with Oprah is it because he’s less concerned with his honor than with the lawsuits that are sure to follow?

This is an issue for our times. What will society condone as an advantage, as pushing to the limit and what do we consider a lie and who is a cheat? I do wonder what you think.


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