Jake Owen Arrested While Dressed As Pee Wee Herman

Jake Owen tells Y108’s Jimmy and Monty in the Morning that he was busted by the cops while dressed as an 80’s kids TV character.

“Well, I got arrested as Pee Wee Herman, one time.” admits Jake. “We had a party at Florida State University. My twin brother and I threw a party and we had a keg on this deck. We had like a bunch of people out there. Next thing I know, cops show up, and everyone scatters… Yeah, of course, I’m the guy with the guitar playing behind a PA system, so I couldn’t go anywhere. I was dressed as Pee Wee Herman, so therefore… I took the blame and the shot.”

Jake Owen’s “Endless Summer” EP is available now…

Hear Jake Owen and Monty compete to see who can do the best Pee Wee Herman laugh (below)!

27 Jake Owen Arrested While Dressed As Pee Wee Herman

CREDIT: Rick Diamond / Getty Images

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