OMG! I Got To Play With Rascal Flatts!

Saturday night at our Rascal Flatts show, I told Joe Don that the bigger stars the guys have become the more accessible they make themselves. That’s rare in today’s world and that’s why we all love Rascal Flatts.

So we’re having fun on the bus waiting for the guys to finish sound check and I’m playing a guitar, singin’ and fooling around. In the middle of Long Haired Country Boy, in walks Rascal Flatts!! I put the guitar down quickly and stand to say hey to the boys.

After awhile Gary says, “What were you playin’?”
“Aw nothing, just a song,” I tell him.
“Well play it for us” says, Gary.
Joe Don says, “C’mon Stoney, go get that git-tar and play us a song.”
Its’ Rascal Flatts folks. Who am I to say no.

So I grab the guitar and play and as I’m singing and playing I look around and it’s Joe Don, Gary and Jay beating along and singing with me.
And I’m thinking, “OMG, it’s Rascal Flatts…and they haven’t walked out!”
Yeah, I lead a strange life…..thanks to country music.


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