How To Stop Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are invading houses all over Pittsburgh! Y108 listeners are sharing their sure-fire home remedies that have stopped stink bugs at their homes (and warn you about what doesn’t work, too!)… Here’s what Y108 listeners tell us:

1) Spraying an area with a mixture of Dawn dishwashing soap and water will repel the stink bugs (several people have told us they’ve tried that with success, others say you have to drown bugs in a jar of the soapy liquid)

2) Brown Listerine will kill stink bugs on contact (who figured that out?)

3) Dropping stink bugs in ammonia will kill them (duh – careful with that ammonia, though)

4) Stuff cracks around your attic windows with paper towels and spray them with Ortho Home Max Defense.

5) The insecticide cypermethrine is supposed to work, but it may be hard to find (it can come in bug bomb form). As always, follow product directions for use.

5) Contrary to rumor, burning bayberry candles does nothing to keep out stink bugs

We can’t endorse any of the above methods. However, the experts say that the best way to stop stink bugs from entering your home is by sealing cracks or openings around utility pipes, chimneys, windows, doors and siding. Repair any holes in door screens.

Experts say the best way to pick up stink bugs is with a vacuum cleaner hose… but you’re warning us not to do that, because too many bugs in your vacuum bag start to stink.

And be careful not to squish the stink bugs, because they’ll stink.

If you’ve had success in stopping stink bugs, tell us below.

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  • Beth Morter

    Ortho Home Defense Max and Bug B Gone.Cedar Oil spray.Liquid Sevin.Soapy water.Nicotine Spray.Try these,they work!!!

  • stephen walker

    i’ve been using wasp and hornet spray with a fair amount of success. i’ve tried the roach and ant spray but it DOES NOT work on them. they are extremely resilent and seems to be at least to a certain degree chemical resistant. the alcohol in the listerine is what kills them. i’ve heard lighter fluid but seriously, who wants to spray that on their house and take a chance on burning the place down. well, when you think about it, burning the place down is a sure fire way to get rid of them.

  • Leah

    NEVER use your sweeper. They will stink up your sweeper for along time , even after you get rid of the dirt in canister.

    • Rose

      Just wondering if you are Leah in Murrysville who lays floor tile??

  • tim

    I wasd told that rubbing alcohol would kill them and saw a demonstration of it on youtube!

  • Alexis

    Windex. Either sraying it on them usually from inside when they are on the screen until they fall off or putting some in a container and letting them fall into it. I believe it`s the ammonia in the windex that does the trick.

  • David Cook

    if you turn a can of compressed air normally used for cleaning computers upside down you can freeze them instantly, expensive but extremely effective!

  • Kelley

    When they get in the house, I just scoop them up in a cup and flush them down the toilet.

    • Rusty

      thats what I have been doing the last few years

  • Karla Diamond

    The trick to the soapy water is to spray it on their under body, if you can get it there, they will die in a few seconds. Spraying on their back takes a few minutes if it works at all. I just found that out….

  • Lynn Wiser

    Ortho Home Defense does work but, you make them mad and the stink bring more so you spray some! I get up to 100 or more in my house daily! Just came home from buying more Ortho and had 5 conversions with people looking for something to get rid of these ‘ CREEPY BUGS’! This does not prevent them from coming in.

  • amanda

    the 1st one didn’t work for me it made more!!!

  • Alexandria

    Alcohol in a spray bottle kills them dead .

    • JP


  • amanda

    the 1st one doesn’t work! it make ALOT more!

  • Denise

    Do not vacuum stink bugs up, they can lay their eggs in the vacuum.

    • lin

      no they can’t, they only lay eggs on the underside of leaves and only at the beginning of summer.

  • Keri

    I have vacuumed at least 200 or more of these bugs over the lat week or so and even vacuuming does NOT stop the stench of these things. I have sealed around our screens with tape (temp fix) and since I have done that the amount that i have been finding has decreased dramatically.

  • cyndi

    the rubbing alcohol works but be careful they drop like flies!!!!! i put the alcohal in a spray bottle and they are like little drunks mine are defintely coming through tthe air conditioner

  • Linda

    I typically scoop them up and flush them, because I don’t like the smell of wasp sprays. Since I have put bayberry candles and bayberry scented items around the house, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the numbers of the little critters coming in to the house. Don’t know if it is true, but I heard that theses stink bugs were brought in to control the look-alike ladybugs that were brought in to control tent caterpillars… Can anyone verify that??

    • Karen

      Yes what you heard is true. They were brought in to control the ladybugs. And the scary part is they have no preditors. No other bug can kill these things.The birds won’t even touch them!!!!

      • denise

        i would rather deal with lady bugs, whoever brought these things here is a complete idiot!! what are they gonna do now? bring something bigger than a stink bug to take care of them? in which case it will be more dangerous for humans? these so called no it all people will be the death of us! i just had to vent cause i can”t stand these things!

    • bethany

      no thats wrong! they snuck in on packages. Halyomorpha halys, the brown marmorated stink bug, was accidentally introduced into the United States from China or Japan. It is believed to have hitched a ride as a stowaway in packing crates. The first documented specimen was collected in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in September 1998.

      they would have never brought them in to control the lady bugs they are plant eaters!

  • Lisa Dees

    I used the dawn and water in a spray bottle, works like a charm, but you have to add more dawn soap than water.

  • Deborah

    Dawn dish detergent/water in a spray bottle does work. Not sure if it attracts more because we have them so bad all over doors and deck. My husband sealed put my back door to deck because they were getting under the door. Also, if u put the dawn detergent/water in a jar and as u see them in the house swoop them up and put them in the jar. Kills them in seconds. Saves on flushing them down toilet all the time. Also does anyone know if they do get into crawl space in attic can they get into main house through duck work and ceiling fans? I’m having a phobia with these bugs.

  • billy

    spraying them with ether kills them immidiatly as well. this is dangerious indoors however, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    also get a junk bagless vacuum cleaner suck them up, and dump the canister into a bucket of soapy water they will drown

  • phyllis

    I have caught them on my porch with alcohol in a cup and they die in there and NO stink

  • Jim

    In order to provide adequate “stink” protection, get an old Gatorade bottle and playing card. Put the mouth of the bottle over them and then slide the card between them and the wall… they will fall into the bottle and you can seal it all up. If you wanted to, you could probably put alcohol or some other liquid in the bottle so they’ll die quicker. Seems to work fairly well for me at least…

    • Kyle

      i did that same thing except there was some gatorade left in the bottle, it was hillarious watching it drown in gatorade :D

  • Gregory Thomas

    I was told that nicotine kills them. Take a half pack of smokes shred them in half gallon of water, let sit for 20 minutes, strain off liquid, add 1 tsp. of dish soap and spray. Haven t tried this yet so dont know if it works.

  • Melissa

    The brown listerine does not work, I tried it this morning, I hate these things, I just want them gone! But I dont have the money to call a professional to remove them!!!

    • Eva

      After careful investigation, we discovered our Stink Bugs were coming through the air conditioning unit in our bed room. I caught one crawling on my pillow one night & that was it for me . We took the unit out, wrapped the unit in plastic, & threw it out. We killed the bugs by flushing them down the toilet. We masked taped the window cracks & covered the entire window with plastic.

    • Jim

      Even professionals can’t remove them permanently…they leave for a little while and eventually come back ! Not worth the $150-$200 they charge to come out

  • Laura Harper

    We spray Raid Indoor/Outdoor Flying Insect Repellant around the outside of our house, especially windows and doors. We removed our window AC units and keep the windows and doors closed until nighttime when it gets too cold for them. We also bought a Dust Buster (aka “Bug Sucker”) last year. If they get in the house, we just suck them up and stuff tissue in the nozzle end so they can’t get back out and they suffocate. They don’t stink inside the plastic “bag” of the Bug Sucker. It’s also great for sucking up the “fake” lady bugs that’ll be swarming my house in another 2-3 weeks. Ah, country living!

  • Lori

    Talked to an exterminator and he said to get a bug light. They are attracted to the light… zap them! Have not tried it yet tho

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