UFO Seen In Westmoreland County

space shuttle UFO Seen In Westmoreland County

In Cape Canaveral, Florida, bright lights and NASA space craft (like the Endeavour, above) are commonplace. Witnesses in Harrison City, Westmoreland County, however, report seeing a bizarre flying craft that they cannot explain! Monty and Zeke bring you UFO investigator Stan Gordon with details.

Stan Gordon is an award-winning author and paranormal investigator from Greensburg who has appeared numerous times on national radio and TV shows. He’s documented hundreds of witness reports of UFOs, Bigfoot, and unexplained creatures in our area. For more unusual stories from Pennsylvania, Monty recommends his books “Really Mysterious Pennsylvania” and “Silent Invasion”, which are available at http://www.amazon.com .

If you’ve seen something you’d like to report, even if it was decades ago, Stan would appreciate hearing from you.

His website is http://www.stangordon.info You can write to him at sightings@stangordon.info or call 724 838-7768.

Stan’s a good guy, and he’ll keep your identity confidential.

Listen for more unexplained stories from southwest PA in Stan Gordon’s “Y Files” with Monty and Zeke on Y108.

(photo of Shuttle Endeavour by Eliot J. Schecter / Getty Images)


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